Nimpot Textiles and Handicrafts from Guatemala

Nimpot is a handicraft and textiles market located in the heart of Antigua Guatemala, at our store you will find all the textiles from the different regions of the country and the different types of handicrafts produced by local hands, items that have been considered part of the tradition and culture of the Guatemala.

Founded 25 years ago, Nimpot was the idea of an North American who came to this country to explore the traditions, culture and ethnicity of this region. With the idea of letting the world have access to the unique variety of handicrafts and textiles from Guatemala. Frank allowed all the producers and distributors from all around the country to have a reliable place to bring their products so Nimpot can sell for them and they can focus in production.

To not make the story longer please come visit us at 5ta. Avenida Norte 29, Antigua Guatemala 03001. We assure you will have a great shopping experience here in Antigua Guatemala.