Guatemalan Textiles

Guatemala is a country rich in culture and traditions, a colorful country with more than 22 ethnic groups each one with a different type of traditional outfit, each one with different symbols and meaning according to the Mayan believes an traditions of each area.  The original Mayan textiles are made by hand and in a very meticulous way, most of them made with cotton tread dyed by hand by indigenous people that with each piece of clothing tell a story or try to communicate a special message from their tradition.

The Mayan outfit has different pieces with specific names for men and for women…

For women: Blouse or Huipil which in Kaqchikel (a traditional Mayan language)  is called Po’t, a Faja or Belt and Corte or Skirt.  The Huipil is the most beautiful part of the outfit for women and it takes days and days for a woman on her knees weaving each pattern or design, to finish the Huipil it can take more than 5 months.

For men: Camisa or Shirt, Pantalones or Pants, Ponchito or Rodillera (a cover that goes over the pants). Men’s outfit also takes a long time to be made, it is made by women by tradition. The men’s outfit also takes even months sometimes to get made, it takes a colorful variety of tread, 100% cotton and also dyed and rolled by the hands of indigenous women.

At Nimpot, we have a long relationship with the indigenous community of each area who help us to get the big variety of textiles you can find at our store, which is conveniently located only a few steps on fifth avenue north, where the Santa Catalina’s Arch is located.

For further information or to see all of our products please contact us via facebook or go to the products page here in our website.
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